My Portfolio

  In this page, you can find all the projects I have done up till now.
Kütüphane Otomasyon Sistemi Thumbnail
Kütüphane Otomasyon Sistemi
A library automation system that's completely designed and coded by me. It is currently being used by my high school. (2017)
Genç Mühendisler Thumbnail
Genç Mühendisler Tasarım Yarışması
A competition project that one of my teachers and I made. I was in charge of social media and the website. (2016)
İleri Eğitim Koleji Thumbnail
İleri Eğitim Koleji Hayali Okul
A project of mine about making my imaginary dreamschool's website. By the way, this is my first official project. (2013)