Seçkin Poyraz
M.D. & Full-Stack Web Developer


Hey! My name is Seçkin. I'm {currentyear-2000} years old. I graduated from Mersin Science High School and I am currently studying Medicine at Çukurova University in Adana, Turkey. I've been into <coding> since my fingers touched the keyboard of the very first computer of mine.


You may be wondering "Why the duck are you studying Medicine instead of Computer Science then?" I have wondered about that too, for quite a long time. The simplest conclusion I can come up with is that sometimes you really have to think logically when making decisions about your future. Although it's obvious that my passion about computers and programming is tremendous, I thought it'd be better off as a hobby. So I've kept on coding as a hobby, just as if you see in this web site - which is purely created by me just for fun.

Ok, but skills?

I've been an independent, entrepreneur, self-taught web-developer since 2011 which is for approx. 12 years. I love the ability to visualize anything you imagine on a web page. And I really wish everyone to acknowledge and to have this power. In this 12 years of experience, I've developed countless apps, I've failed countless times and I have succeeded as much. You can check out some of my AAA projects(in my scope ofc) on "My Portfolio" page.

After getting to know World Wide Web PHP HTML Javascript CSS MySQL from start to nowhere near finish, I've started to teach myself new programming languages other than Web, which includes Python C++ and server-side Javascript a.k.a NodeJS. I've been actively dealing -or developing- with those compelling languages for now and it seems I will be doing so for quite some time.

I also have a knowledge and some of experience in Adobe products such as Premiere After Effects and Photoshop of course.

My Personality

I am known for my never-leaving-smile on my face, which I think shows I am a friendly and a happy guy who enjoys life. I love to cooperate with people and to work with them. If you have any idea, and you really need help to make it happen, you are gladly welcome to send a message to me! My contact information is on the page "Contact Me".

Thank you!

I sincerely thank you very much for your time reading this page about me. As I've mentioned above, you can contact me about anything you want. Have a wonderful day, take care!