Seçkin Poyraz
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Website Discovery: Spotalike

published on 13.05.2020, by @seckinthepoyraz

Hello everyone! Today, I want to introduce you a very cool website that I have just discovered:
Spotalike - Create Spotify playlists with similar songs

It is currently in Beta so it doesn't cover all of the songs -very few of Turkish songs are accepted- but I'm sure it will grow bigger day by day. The app's function is simple: You type in one song you love to listen to, then the app generates a playlist which includes lots of songs similiar to the one you typed in. After creating the playlist, you can simply import that playlist into your Spotify account with one-click, that's all.

Here's a playlist that I have created.

Go ahead and try one song! You won't regret it! See you again in the next blog posts, take care.